The Eight Limbed Path


Hear what others have to say about their experience with Carly’s private yoga instruction.





Vesna Nikolic-United Nations Women

There are lots of amazing yoga teachers out there who can do lots of fancy poses and give students the necessary drills and skills to do the same- and we all know Carly is a rock star in this department- but to me her quality as a teacher does not just rest in her amazing ability to do and teach asana, to adjust her students to reach physical limits beyond expectation, but to teach her students to go beyond the poses and expectations and to help them embrace where they are in their practice and by doing this, where they are in their life- the off the mat yoga. With Carly’s passion for yoga and compassion for her students, she was able to teach me a valuable lesson- that yoga can truly heal me and that it goes beyond any physical practice.

I started to recover gradually and attribute the road to recovery to a shift in mindset to how powerful and transformative yoga really is- thanks to Carly. In her caring and nurturing style she provided a safe environment for me to heal and knew intuitively when to be supporting and when to be challenging. She knew when to turn my statement of ‘I can’t’ to a ‘I can’ by providing support and guidance on accessing an asana and instilling in me the confidence to trust myself.

Antonia Cameron - 64 - Director of Professional Development, Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities and Co-Author: Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching and Learning

"Have you ever felt that an event in your life was like winning the lottery? I feel that way about finding Carly as a yoga teacher. Here’s why …

As a 64 year old, I was finding my body and my movements were no longer flexible. I knew that if I didn’t do something radical to alter the path I was on, I would continue to lose agility as I aged. Friends and family had always spoken to me about doing yoga as a way of improving my body’s resilience, but, quite frankly, I had an image in my mind of a “yoga person” and my body type and my age did not jibe with that picture at all. But, because I was desperate to improve my health, I decided to let go of my reservations, and try yoga. 

Although walking into my first private yoga session was a terrifying experience, my fear disappeared instantly when I met Carly. She is the kind of teacher you dream about—kind, funny, insightful and nurturing. While she has a deep knowledge of and love for yoga, she is also humble and gentle in her approach. Her unique way of knowing just how much to challenge and just how much to support has helped me grow. Because of her ability as a teacher, I have developed strength and flexibility in my body that I had thought was gone for good.

I know I am still in my infancy as a practitioner of yoga. I also know that whatever pathways were opened to me have been opened because Carly has been my first teacher."

Michelle Benoit - 41 - Public Relations

"Carly is an amazing teacher. It’s truly been a journey that has brought me to places I never thought I could go physically, but also helped me find calm and strength and flexibility beyond my body and in my life.  I was brand new to yoga when I started my lessons with Carly. I never liked working out and had a tough time keeping a regular routine, but working with Carly I was able to embrace the practice and it has become something I look forward to every day. She worked with me to help prepare my body for each pose while also helping me understand and embrace the philosophy of yoga." 

Becky Diamond - 48 - Director of Video Journalism and Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

"When I started practicing yoga with Carly there were many poses  I could not do - ranging from handstands to backbends -- despite working on them for years. Carly changed all of that and so much more. 

Now I regularly place my hands on the ground as I push my feet up into the air and hold a handstand (and a smile!). And backbends are something I look forward to! Over the course of three years, Carly introduced poses into my practice that would enable me to build the strength and flexibility to become more advanced. She urged me to enjoy the process of learning the poses and to be patient -  that progress would come with time. 

But Carly taught me so much more than how to manipulate my body so that I could "stand" on hands or bend my back. Now I appreciate the journey that a new pose offers me -- both physically and mentally. When I walk out of her studio and I feel the beads of sweat dry, I feel anything but exhausted! By the time I walk to the subway and start my work commute, I can feel myself smiling - ready to enjoy the challenges that will come my way -- thanks to Mysore with Carly!"